About Me

About Maite

Good day to all!

My name is Maite and if you allow me, I will like to share some information about myself. Why am I telling you so? I was at the stage where I really needed a Change. Why? I started having some issues with my general health, first insomnia accompanied by bloating, occasional constipation, constant fatigue, lack of mental clarity and memory loss.  Then I also felt less motivated, less confident and worrying about everything. For a while I had suffered from tinnitus and yet I was only in my 50s!

So here I come, I started learning from books and talking to different doctors. Yes, Knowledge is only the first step, and then comes action.

I committed to taking responsibility for my own life and health,  changing my relationship with myself,  and why not? I first needed to look at what lifestyle and food choices I could make to have a positive impact on my well-being.

I truly believe that “Food Matters” and  I love to eat healthily but I don’t always end up with good choices. My intention will always be towards a healthier life, to live longer without diseases and aches while not forgetting the FUN and LOVE in creating the new Me.

I also believe we can improve our own health by creating a different destiny, not just by eating the right nutrients but by really knowing and applying integrative holistic care to heal our body-mind-spirit. There is no magic pill or one size fits all, instead, it is a process of listening to our own bodies.

Do you also want to be healthier for a longer and happier life? So let’s take action now, take care of yourself and the food you eat daily at home, and become the expert on your body. Take the first step towards managing your own Health Destiny, investing in your own Well-being.

Let’s heal from the inside out with our innate power of healing, learning what is best for our body-mind-spirit and creating a new vision of a disease-free body, able to manage by itself anything that may come.

Do share any experience or questions you may have with me so we can grow to be the new and best version of ourselves, at my email Maite@myfood4life.com.

“The only mistake is Not to start the way and Not to Finnish it”

With care and love