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CHOOSE WHOLE FRUITS (Fresh, frozen or canned)

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Eating fruit provides health benefits. People who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy eating style are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases such as cancer. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health, such as potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate. Try to choose whole fruits—fresh, canned, frozen, or dried—instead of juice. The sugar naturally found in fruit does not count as added sugar. It really is all about simple food recipes to make you shine with vitality ad energy. Here are some tips for you:

1 -Keep a bowl of fruit on the table, in the fridge, make it visible so it is much easier to choose the right food if we have it available at the moment.

2- At breakfast, add to your cereal fruits like bananas, peaches, or strawberries; add blueberries to pancakes; drink 100% orange or grapefruit juice. Or, try a fruit mixed with fat-free or low-fat yogurt. There is lots of different combinations to try.

3-  Try fruit at lunch At lunch, pack a tangerine, banana, or grapes to eat or choose fruits from a salad bar. Individual containers of fruits are easy to carry and convenient for lunch.

4- Enjoy fruit at dinner, too. At dinner, add crushed apple, pineapple, kiwi  to your salads and main dishes. Try fruits on top of chicken or fish.

5- Fruits make healthy snacks. Try dried fruits like apricots, berries mixed with nuts or whole fruits like apples. They are easy to carry and store well too.

6- Be a good role model at home or outside. Set a good example for children by eating fruit every day with every meals.

7- Experiment with flavour. Buy fresh fruits in season when they may be less expensive and at their peak flavour. Use fruits to sweeten a recipe instead of adding sugar.